Association Management

Your organization’s leaders—officers, board and committee members—today want the ability to lead their organizations without being distracted by issues and situations that could be accomplished by your Management Company.  AAM will provide advice to officers and directors to reach goals, objectives and strategic plans.  

AAM helps to create a specific written plan that meets your association’s needs.  AAM is focused on the daily responsibilities to meet the annual budget and set timelines of activities so the leaders of your association can lead and plan for the future.  AAM will conduct a strategic planning session for your association so we can quickly identify the goals for you and your members.  We will assist with any change in leadership so there is a smooth transition from year to year.  Each Board and Committee member will receive a detailed job description and manual so they understand their role with the association and receive key information to assist them in their decision making.

Event Management

AAM handles your association’s day-to-day needs in a timely and efficient manner, including but not limited to the following:

  •   Budget & Timeline Development - AAM assists in project management to identify all tasks to make sure your event is successful and within your pre-determined budget.

  •   Site Research, Selection and Negotiation - Assistance with the selection of your host site facilities.

  •   Schedule Development - Staff will work with a program committee to plan your event.

  •   Speaker Selection, Administration & Support - AAM will assist with speaker selection, contract agreements, travel arrangements, biography/photo gathering, audio visual needs and duplication of presentation materials.

  •   Conference Marketing - Design and development of your marketing materials.  Our staff will assist in the development of a direct marketing program utilizing social media, media relations, electronic distribution, etc.

  •   Registration Services - Registrants experience a smooth and easy registration for your events.

  •   Exhibit Hall & Vendor Management - We will develop a floor plan and exhibitor kit for your events.

  •   Sponsorship Solicitation - AAM will assist in contacting potential sponsors for support in offsetting the cost of your event.

  •   Conference Evaluation - Preparation of a post-meeting evaluation targeted to capture participants’ feedback on the meeting space, accommodations, menu selection, speaker delivery and content, ease of registration, staff assistance and overall quantity of the event.

Financial Management

AAM handles your association’s day-to-day needs in a timely and efficient manner, including but not limited to the following:

  •   Dues invoicing & collection

  •   Maintaining accounts receivables and accounts payable records

  •   Reconciling monthly bank statements

  •   Credit Card processing

  •   Depositing funds

  •   Paying invoices

  •   Proposing & managing annual budgets

  •   Providing monthly financial statements to key leaders of the association

  •   Obtaining annual financial audit from independent CPA firm

Communications, Website, and Database Support

Our staff will create attractive and professional communication vehicles which include:

  •   Annual member directories (booklet and online formats available)

  •   Prospective Membership Kit for growth of your association

  •   Promotional and On-site brochures for annual conventions and meetings

  •   Professional Signage for Trade Shows & Meetings

  •   Professional responses to daily inquiries via Phone, Email, Website and Fax

  •   Association Newsletters for Print and Online circulation to members

  •   Website Design, Hosting or Maintenance 

  •   Database maintenance, training and utilization of electronic data

  •   Maintenance of all paper and electronic files

  •   Daily backup of all data

  •   Secure data at an off-site location